How to Massage The Back – Couples Instructional Massage

A nice Back Massage is the best way to relieve yourself from dreaded back pain. There are numerous techniques that can be used, such as relaxation massage, increase body awareness, improved circulation and better lymphatic drainage for release of toxins. Selecting the best back massage technique for your body is important for receiving maximum benefits. During your back massage, a suitable massage oil is used to decrease friction on the skin and unwanted pulling of body hair. Obviously the less the amount of oil applied, the greater the friction and deeper pressure. A lighter stroking movement throughout the massage and moving from one area to another, to soothe an area or to make a transition to another stroke.

Step By Step Guide to a Better Back Massage

Below I will list a few steps to detail a back massage technique for relieving the body from back pain.

The person receiving the massage will lie on his/her belly on a dedicate massage table for best results. A hard surface or floor mat will suffice if a massage table is not available. You want to ensure the one receiving the massage is comfortably Make sure that you the whole back of the massage receiver is comfortably within reach. Best practice is for the masseuse to stand by the side of the client and place one hand on the lower back and the other hand between the shoulder blades which should be directly over the heart.

Start by warming up the back by applying some thumb directed pressure along each side of the spine simultaneously. Always start at the lower back and work your way gently with your thumbs up to their neck area. Using the correct flow also promotes bodily relaxation.

Always use a smooth and delicate stroke which is otherwise known a an effleurage to apply the massage oil. In one fluid motion, press your palms down either side of the spine and slide down to the pelvis and work around the hips and back up the sides to their shoulders. Move your hands over to the next area you would like to start on. Next move will continue up both sides of the neck to the head.

Starting at the base of the spine, slide your hands outward to the sides of the back, starting with the lower back area, and then moving back up to the shoulders.

Finish with the soft muscular areas at the top of the shoulders, the middle lower back area and the buttocks to loosen any tight muscles.

At Bodyworks of Perdido Key we offer a Couples Instructional Massage to show you techniques to provide therapeutic massage on your loved one’s in the comfort of your own home. A licensed massage therapist will show you proper techniques while focusing on the back and neck areas and each couple will take home their own bottle of massage oil.